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I help CEOs, Execs & Entrepreneurs experience energetic LEVEL UPS to invincible performances by going 'Mindless in Thought' so they can discover the hidden truth in their Personal Experience for Results Beyond Strategy℠



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Create Your Own Reality Living From Your Wish Fulfilled


When 3 Point Energetic Alignment is synced, you will instantaneously Level Up your business & your life!

Results Beyond Strategy

Level-UP! Transcend the Limitations of Your Conscious Mind. Go to a place that NO THOUGHT has gone before! Experience the energetic infinity within as you bring your creative passions to life!

Exclusive Membership Community 

You have finally found your tribe! Meet and experience other amazing people who are Leveling-Up on their Energetic & Business experiences as they share and expand their energetic reach in this world.

Energetic Mindset Solution℠

Energy Work + Life/Business Strategy =

An Unmatched Unprecedented Advantage over those still unconscious and living in the day-to-day Hustle & Grind!


You are capable (and deserving) of so much more.

Don’t let your environment or lack of opportunities keep you from having a greater impact. You are a life and business leader. Look at what you’ve accomplished so far—and yes, we believe you are capable of so much more.

You have incredible potential yet often miss opportunities to earn more, influence more and enliven more.  Do you:

  • Need to open Awareness to clear & concise guidance

  • Let go of old strategies, tactics & memories

  • Want to shorten the time between inception & completion exponentially?

  • Enjoy day-to-day activities while building your new reality.

  • Create your reality according to your desires 

  • Expand your imaginative abilities for instant results

Stand back & allow Denise to pull the rug of your old reality out from under your feet. She can show you how to change your reality so you are more capable of achieving the outcomes you want for yourself, your life and your business.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could achieve more by invigorating the skills, talents, and capabilities you already have within yourself? We believe you can and invite you to step into that future reality now.

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Time to Level Up!


Hi, I'm Denise ~ The Invincible CEO. I'm excited to introduce you to the infinite energy within that fuels your imagination and its creations providing unbelievable manifestations, which Is the key to expanding your life and business with results beyond strategy.


More About Me

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energetic signature yet?  

Browse popular energy classes.  

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The Energetic Mindset Solution

Ready to inject absolute clarity,  calm and confidence into your business or personal life choices - 10 - 14 days - but don’t know how?


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Appreciation Journal Creation

The Powerful Energetic Appreciation Manifestation Journal immediately builds on the energetic foundation you will build. The Mindset Solution is the fertile garden and the Appreciations Journal plants the seeds. 

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7 Energetic Laws of the Business Universe

Learn how to use the 7 Energetic Laws of the Universe to make it easier to help others through the manifestations your genius in business can provide! 

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What can you expect from an Invincible CEO Energetic  Program or Service?

We know feeling good feels good to feel good! Great vibrations will get your energetic connection flowing while emptying the clutter from your mind and flowing and creating from your body movement.  
The more fun you have, the more energetically connected you will be. 

 Energy Techniques

You'll learn 1 of a kind original Energetic Techniques created for your Energetic Connection & Alignment.

Diverse LIVE & DIY Courses

We’ll mix it up: different techniques Business & Personal, a different pace each class.


Every pod can be personalized to fit the individuals in th e pod. Once the Pod starts, no new member will be added.

Membership means unlimited access.


Sign up for a membership, and enjoy unlimited expertise, training, and a supportive community at your Energetic fingertips!

Allow The Invincible CEO to share her "MAD SKILLZ" as she helps you:

💫 Go MINDLESS & Eliminate Endless Thought Loops & Action Loos

💫  Cut Time Frames 50% - 75% while 10 x Results through Energetic Mindset Alignment.

💫  Srep into Your Done Deal & Done Deal Identity

💫  Eliminate Hustle & Grind

💫  Activate, Anchor & Align Calm - Clarity - Confidence

💫  Become the Chief Energetic Officer of your Business and Your Life

💫  Command Your New Story Into Existence with Energetic Ease

Invincible CEO℠ Client Testimonials

Irena Škoda

"I feel so energetically aligned after taking Denise's classes. She taught me  that it was okay to be free-flowing and that’s freeing.”"

Rich Oceguera, CEO

"Denise has shown me mastery level layers to concepts I've long known & practiced. I finally feel like I've burst through to a new aligned version of who I AM. It's like Jedi Master training.

Shari Alyse, CEO

"Denise will not let you hide from yourself and your power. If you’re ready to feel unlimited, boundless, and like anything is possible, run to her and be prepared to fly!"

Schroeder Nordholt, CEO

"Denise will work and challenge you on all levels, make you unlearn what you thought you knew about thought & energy. Her work is rooted on the energetic plane and will have ripples moving right through your personal and business lives."

Moira Hutchison, CEO

"Denise helped me get out of my own way and mind, stay the course and break through my sense of limitations and lack of belief in myself.


Robert C. Stern, CEO

Denise will help you rethink your inner motives and vision. She helps you tap into your pure thoughts about the universe that you live in."

The process is simple; the results are profound.

We coach you in the most comfortable way that works for you. We don’t force-feed you a system, training, or other pre-packaged product that confuses or adds more to your workload. We know being a business & life leader requires a lot of energy, time, and stamina, and we aim to enhance your ability to lead invincibly through the endless flow of all three because you are Life Itself.


Here’s how we do it:

  • We meet via video or in-person to discuss your challenges and what you want to change or improve.

  • We formulate a personalized program that will help you achieve those goals. We consider your time frame, budget, and any potential constraints you may encounter as you work with us.

  • We coach you through your custom program and provide the specific support and accountability you need every step of the way to achieving success.

  • Our main objective is to be a resource that empowers you to the level (or beyond) of invincibility necessary to live a life that enlivens you every day. Are you ready?t

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Who you are requires no thought!

~ Denise Powerniak - The Invincible CEO