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The Power of Empty Focus

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You are everything and nothing simultaneously. Yet you forget this. In this forgetfulness, you feel separation and believe this separation to be accurate. You think the outside physical world, to "the real world," is more accurate than your imagination.


When you are overly emotional, you're allowing circumstances outside of you and beyond your control to dictate your thoughts and actions.


When concerned with what others think and expect from us, you attach more puppet strings to yourself that eventually get so rigid, tangled, and unescapable you're stuck. This insecurity grows when you overestimate the importance of imaginary thoughts that only exist in your head.



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When this importance or focus is lessened or released, you become aware you exist in an actual state of emptiness present here and now. You are everything. The physical world is your mind physically manifested. Yet, what's physically displayed is a tiny portion of what you call your mind. Do not confuse your mind and physical brain with being the same thing. 


Emptiness does not mean a lack of action, understanding, or awareness. It is just the opposite. Emptiness brings pure clarity while maintaining pure awareness.


For example, take a moment and slowly turn your head from side to side, viewing everything in the room you are currently in. Did you silently name everything you see? Most likely, you didn't name anything in the room at all. 



Yet, while you turned your head, you were completely aware of what you saw, without naming anything, in a thoughtless emptiness. Even if there were something in the room that you could not call, you would still recognize its existence in the room. This awareness is your existence identifying all the facts in the room or the true meaning behind Namaste.


Next, add in soft focus. When you sit in silence for 3 minutes, letting go of all thought, with your eyes open, not only do you begin to feel your "being-ness or existing state," your view begins to soften, and focus becomes clear.


From this state of empty being-ness, you take yourself out of "surface level existence' and become super present "here and now."  Remember; there is no such thing as "then and there" for you. 



Your NOW MOMENT reality has been patiently awaiting you to engage with it beyond first glance surface level consciously.


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When you become this present in the NOW MOMENT (no longer on autopilot) and focus without thought, you will realize how "ALIVE" your reality is around you. All hidden treasures and answers begin to reveal instantly.


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~ Dede


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