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Self-Sabotage – Doesn’t Exist Without Your Thoughts

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The Egoic Mind will name and categorize your feelings, diminishing the higher inner guidance to that of your inner energetic spirit.  Words are mere labels and tools of the Ego that diminish the true essence of that which it tries to define. Logic and feeling are two separate languages with very little direct translation.


When you try to understand the heart through the mind, you will get lost or stuck in the translation. There are no words that exist to describe what the heart feels, nor should it be an attempt. If you stay in the feeling and allow it to grow, no thought is necessary. You will immediately be inspired to action. Your actions will speak louder and clearer than any words.


Self-sabotage always occurs during the thought process. Your Ego will confuse by wanting to understand and categorize the indescribable. Feelings are meant to be felt, not logically understood, or analyzed. This cycle will be repeated over and over until you are frozen in doubt and confusion. 


You cannot logic your way to being intuitive no matter how much you understand the topic. Intuition or energy is not to be logically understood but to be felt and experienced. You cannot receive positive outcomes from negative thoughts.


Avoid self-sabotage by staying in the feel or flow of your heart’s guidance. Get out of your mind and into your heart. Your heart’s guidance will guide you further and with flowing ease than your logical mind.


The winning formula is always Intuition first (subconscious mind - yin energy – the keeper of your infinity) followed by the Logic (the conscious mind – yang energy – always the point of direct focus) when and if needed.


~ Denise


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