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Test Drive The Invincible CEO℠ Monthly Energetic Freebie Offerings

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Sound familiar: You have gone as far as you can on your own.  You know you need mentoring or coaching to get you to the next level of your journey. You conduct countless hours of research to determine what you need.  You will need to make the biggest choice to determine WHO will be the best fit for you.


In today's online coaching space, there are thousands of coaches auditioning for your attention.  Some are well-known gurus, and others are just starting.  Some coaches offer pretty, almost too good to be true offerings with little substance, and others look very basic but contain hidden gems that make themself known once you dive into the experience.


Thousands of dollars are at stake, not to mention your irreplaceable valuable time and effort.  How do you choose?  The wrong choice can be very costly.


You wouldn't purchase a new car without first taking it for a test drive. The same wisdom should be applied to leveling up in your business.  



Here at The Invincible CEO℠, we feel you! Since what I teach is all about bringing you to an undeniable personal experience to discover your inner truth, we offer many opportunities to take us for a test drive based on your learning style.  


In full disclosure, our FREE offerings are just enough to grab your attention to decide if the offering gives you the realization that we must have read your mind and created this training just for you!  


These free training are more just surface level.  You will be able to take 1-3 action steps on your own immediately following the training.  This will allow you to determine if the offered expertise is an aligned match for you to dive deeper with a paid program or service we offer.


Most of our clients were so blown away by our FREE offerings' depth and expertise; they were excited to discover the deeper dive via knowledge and applied experience of training not offered anywhere else in our paid programs.


Here are some of our FREE offerings:


In addition to the above interactive training and offering, the main reason for this interaction today is to introduce you to The Invincible CEO℠ Year of Energetic Freebies.  Each month, a new Energetic Freebie Offering will be offered via The Invincible CEO℠ website's home page


Have you ever signed up for a coaching freebie, download it, and get distracted.  You then forget you have it, or the freebie gets lost in the onslaught of emails in your inbox?


When I create programs and services, I incorporate the easiest flow for you, the user.  When you decide to test drive any Energetic Mindset Freebie, you only need to sign up once to receive each new month's freebie offering.  In addition, you do not have to go searching through thousands of emails or even to the abyss of your computer's hard drive to find the training.


WHY?  Exciting news! I have created  The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Freebie Website that will house the year of energetic freebies for you regardless of which month you join so you never miss training.  All you need to do is sign up for the account and download the app on your phone/tablet and/or save the website URL to your favorites.


So without further ado, here are the first two offerings from  The Invincible CEO℠ - The Year of Energetic Mindset Freebies to help your ACTIVATE - ALIGN - ANCHOR your energetic mindset. Click the link or pictures below.


Sign up for one and get both.  Once you sign up:

  • Check your email inbox and spam folder for the email with the link to activate your membership to the FREEBIE Website.
  • Download the Kajabi App for easy access
  • Enjoy the Energetic Mindset Training


                                           December 2020                                                       

November 2020 


Feel free to share your feedback directly with me at [email protected]

~ Denise

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