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Thoughts Must Audition for Your Attention

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You are NOT the Thinker of Thoughts

You have never thought a thought in your entire life.

You are not the thinker of thoughts but the receiver of thoughts!
Just like a radio receives a song & the songs are not the radio. You are not your thoughts!
Each thought has to audition for your attention!
You are the consciousness that thoughts arise within and fall away. For a review to gain momentum, you must identify with the idea as 'true' or as a 'You' identity.
Like songs, your thoughts will tell you what radio station (Level of Consciousness) your frequency is vibrating at that moment.
If you don't like the song on the radio, you don't scream at the radio, asking, "WHY?" You don't force yourself to figure it out. You don't struggle or decide you are unworthy of songs you like because of something in your past.
You have choices:
  • Change the station
  • Turn down the volume
  • Turn off the radio
  • Do nothing 
You also have these choices with your thoughts.
Using the chart below, use this fun analogy to determine your vibration.
Using your thoughts, which Level of Consciousness are you currently on?
If your thoughts are songs, what songs are playing on the station you realized you're on?


So what station are you tuned into?

~ Denise


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