Create Your Own Reality: Embody Your Imagination

Join Us to Make Your Imagination Your Only Reality









Create Your Own Reality:

Embody Your Imagination


Take the next step in your Imagination to embody & realize your Imagination is the only Reality!


Activate ~ Align ~ Anchor Your Imagination to your Inner Me & Your Inner World for powerful 3D Manifestations!


Join us for this 2-Day Online Event:

October 19 - 20

4 Interactive Private Zoom Sessions Each Day
9:00 AM PST / 12 PM EST Start Both Days

Client Experience:  

Shari Alyse ~ America's Joy Magnet

Shari shares her recent experience in The Invincible CEO's previous 2-Day Private Online Event: Create Your Own Reality Living From Your Wish Fulfilled



1 ~ Activate


Dive Deep Into Your Imagination - The First and Only Cause!

2 ~ Align

Establish Direct Realtime Communication with Your Inner Me!

3 ~ Anchor

See the Inner World Manifest Into Your Outer World With Ease

How different can you experience your life in just a few days? You’re just a few steps away from a happier, exciting, and more fulfilled life.  


4 ~ Experiences

Dive in with us as Dede blows your mind as she walks you through the experience of Active & Passive Imaginal Acts 

5 ~ Guided


Learn How to Give and Receive Your Heart's Desires in Your Imaginal Acts!


6 ~ Realize That 3D Reality is ...


Your Imagination Manifested!

Create Your Own Reality

Using Personal Energetic Foundational Assumptions 

Take a listen to how easy Reality Creation can be for you! Allow me teach you how!




Join Our 2-Day Online Event

October 19 - 20

9 AM PST / 12 PM EST

From Dede:

To me, your success is personal. Your search is over! You’re not in this alone.


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Check out what others
have experienced:

” Working with Denise is truly a life-altering experience & time well invested! She over-delivers and leaves you wanting more of her magic every time! You'll never be the same person again!"

~ Rich Oceguera

”Denise will not let you hide from yourself and your power. If you’re ready to feel unlimited, boundless, and like anything is possible, run to her and be prepared to fly!"

~ Shari Alyse

”Denise is powerful and direct! She helps you cut through the junk you can get weighed down by and teaches you to hold your vision/dream/goal center stage thereby moving mountains! If you want to catapult into your best version of life, Denise is your “secret weapon.

Dr. Margaret Evanow, Phd, LPCC

”The 2 Day Events are M A G I C!!! Attending is so powerful - it is the easiest way to change your reality.  "

~ Kelli O'Neill

” When you are in the energy of Denise you feel seen, heard, and cared about. She is an energetic cheerleader for your success. Denise uses the most amazing stories & metaphors so you just get it. 

~ Nani Chesire

”After 2 days with Denise, my mind is blown. I can only say, that you think you know, but you don't really know until you have experienced and listened to Denise's wisdom.

Merete Bach Larsen

In working with Denise, You upgrade in all ways. I am a different person. I operate differently, I think differently, and I dress differently.  Denise's teachings make me realize I am NOW!"

~ Jane Kifer

”My 2nd 2-Day Online Event was even better than the 1st. Once again, I was blown away by her open, genuine and straightforward nature. She walks her talk and is inspiring!

~ Dr. Catherine Santoro

”I can't help but feel appreciation for Denise. Her guidance allowed me to change my thinking to a higher energy level.  I now know I simply attract a new level of clients. Denise taught me to be free & in the flow!

Irena Skoda

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