The Invincible CEO℠ 3 Month Energetic Level Up Forecast Activation Program - 2x Per Week

3 monthly payments of $6,000.00 USD


Now it's time to UP LEVEL and takes your energy alignment  & clarity to a new flow & focus.

Join Dede Powerniak & experience what an Energetic Experience Alchemist can do for you.  

During your  2-3 hour initial mapping session, you will map out energetically the next 13 weeks with a combination of energy techniques and strategy to bring into 3-point harmonious energetic alignment of MIND - BODY - ENERGY.

The Invincible CEO Personal 3 Month Energetic Forecast Program is a personal 13-week activation of energetic business or personal strategy session with Denise to block out an energetic roadmap strategy to align and anchor your action steps for the next 13 weeks.  

This is a medium-intensity program 13-week program of activated -  aligned - anchored inspired energetic action.

You will meet with Denise 2x per week to fine-tune & course-correct your actions & alignment.

You will receive:

A detailed 12 week Energetically aligned detailed strategy workbook with actions steps:

  • Individual Weekly Worksheet for each Energetic Topi c Card
  • Detailed Now Moment Action Steps
  • Learn How to Assign Signs
  • Energy Card Immersion
  • Meet 2x per week each week
  • Dedicated private Zoom Link
  • Digital Program with deep-dive explanations
  • Measurable progress
  • Daily Text Access for enhanced Now Moments on the 2 days you interact via Zoom
  • Guidance / Support



  • Physical health - return to growth & homeostasis
  • Emotional well being
  • Mental clarity
  • Marriage of the Subconscious & Conscious Mind
  • Transcending of the Egoic Hold
  • Easier to receive and understand both Inner & Divine Guidance
  • Restful Sleep
  • Calm & Centered
  • Wisdom Activation
  • Peacefulness
  • Manifestation abilities heightened and time lessened
  • Increased ability to focus and stay focused
  • Increased Self Worth and Self Confidence.
  • Amazing in the Moment Awareness
  • Presence in the Present Moment
  • Enlightenment of Presence & Awareness

Individual results will vary and will always depend on the personal effort given to Activation - Alignment - Anchoring between sessions based on the daily meditation requirements.


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