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Clients' Wins & Testimonials:

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Rich Oceguera -    

CEO, Visionary Media Institute

"Denise has shown me mastery level layers to concepts I've long known & practiced. I finally feel like I've burst through to a new aligned version of who I AM. It's like Jedi Master training.

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Shari Alyse - America's Joy Magnet

"Denise will not let you hide from yourself and your power. If you’re ready to feel unlimited, boundless, and like anything is possible, run to her and be prepared to fly!"

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Robert C. Stern -

CEO, The Social Leader

Denise will help you rethink your inner motives and vision. She helps you tap into your pure thoughts about the universe that you live in."

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Terry Pappy - CEO, Better 3

I've been in business for over 15 years, during working with Denise, new business opportunities began surfacing around the direction of my work.  Since then my business has shifted & expanded allowing me to help people in ways never imagined & it's blowing my mind.

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Irena Skoda, CEO Skoda Designs

I can't help feel appreciation for Denise. Her guidance allowed me to change my thinking to a higher energy level.  I now know I simply attract a new level of clients. Denise taught me to be free & in the flow!

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Sara Dowling - Executive at Survey Monkey

Denise has this magical way of looking into your soul. Using wit & intelligence, she has a unique ability to shine a spotlight on the endless possibilities ahead.  

For me she helped create clarity & momentum. We plowed though roadblocks & create d anew level of excitement on my journey to success, peace & happiness. Denise helped me level up in life more ways than I could imagine.

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Dr. Margaret Evanow, Phd, LPCC

World’s Premiere Quantum Psychologist

Denise is powerful and direct! She helps you cut through the junk you can get weighed down by and teaches you to hold your vision/dream/goal center stage thereby moving mountains! If you want to catapult into your best version of life, Denise is your “secret weapon.

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Ravi Toor - Executive Coach

"Denise is a phenomenal coach and unlike any other.  I need real results, true accountability, and someone who calls me on my bs when I least want it. Denise delivered and more. 

I now understand my authenticity, my personal power and invincibility. This has resulted in accelerated, positive business and life impacts. 

Denise goes beyond the surface level to deliver results and shows you how to maintain and evolve even after our work is done.  If you're considering working with Denise, get ready to radically change your life for the better.

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Tina Pittman CPA

CEO of Your Accountant

I definitely recommend Denise Povernick to help business owners transform their business. She can transform a person's ego into positive results. No more salesy language.

With the use of your own energy, you become a client magnet with ease. I have tried other coaches but they wanted me to be them. Denise promotes being your own brand. No need to worry about your competition. There are many potential clients looking for you!!! You will be forever changed!

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Marcella Canfarotta - Professor, Temple University

She is fantastic! Denise is kind and the real deal. She has helped me (& others in my family) reconnect and rediscover the person I was meant to be! She gently guides, instructs & leads you towards self-realization and growth.

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Elise Ivy - QVC Host

I've studied with Denise on and off for about a year and a half now and I'm continually impressed by her scope of knowledge and her passion for sharing and teaching life changing information.

I've had the luxury of taking her group classes as well as having a one on one session with her and in both cases I was able to manifest specific things into my life within a short amount of time by working with Denise. She gives you both the skills and the confidence to go after your dreams.

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Marianna Ruiz - CEO, Impact Driven Entrepreneur 

Denise is the coach you have always dreamed of. She is a master at helping you with unblocking your subconscious mind so that you can get out of your own way and achieve your goals. She blends health and energy brilliantly and will catapult your results!

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