Ready to inject absolute clarity & confidence into your business or personal life choices in '10 - 14 days' but don’t know how?


The Invincible CEO Mindset Solution is a quick workshop to help you center into your energetic innate, knowing with absolute clarity for bigger immediate ROI in your business & your life.

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  • Create Calm Within 3 Breaths
  • Eliminate Confusion & Overthinking
  • Get "Un-Stuck"
  • Activate, Align & Anchor Your Energy!
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Negative & Limiting Thoughts!
  • Eliminate Hit or Miss Decision Making
  • Command Manifestations 
  • Worksheets & Checklists

Listen in as you scroll, to get a Sneak Peek on the SECRET SAUCE this program has in store for you!


Here's what you will learn and experience:



Why The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution?

And what even is an Energetic Mindset or An Energetic Alchemist?


Hi, I'm Dede Powerniak ~ The Invincible CEO!

I'm an Energetic, Experience Alchemist. I help you go Mindless and discover your Infinite Energy so you can Discover your  Truth & Power Hidden in Your Energetic Personal Experience.

I've worked with hundreds of CEOs, C-Level executives & personal CEOs while merging my personal truth in my energetic life experiences as:

  • A Trained Interrogator
  • Profiler & Subconscious Mind Expert
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • 9th Degree Grand Reiki Master

You get a '5 in 1' one of a kind Coach/Guide/Mentor with 25+ years of experience that genuinely aligns your Mind - Body - Spirit.

I've helped my clients eliminate confusion, overthinking, negative thinking, self-sabotage, and repetitive action loop that keep them stuck.

My clients learn to align, center, and anchor their energy, higher levels of consciousness & intuition to feel and move to inspired action with clarity and confidence.

The idea for this, The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution workshop, came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently... 

"How can I help my clients center and align their energy quickly (say 7-10 days)  and become the calm, clear, and centered "Eye of the Storm" during these crazy, unpredictable times so they can make clear, confident choices that grow their businesses, careers and they can enjoy their personal lives?


This offer includes the debut of the NEW proprietary training "The Energy Alchemist 10 Commandments"


I’m sharing what I know from my use of centered, aligned energy in my business & personal life…

By dreaming big for many but starting small with myself.

Starting with yourself is the calm & clear center of your business & life as The Invincible CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of both.

Then outreaching out to others who are ready t help them do the same with their gifts.

This allowed me to build & scale my business to guide and serve many CEOs & become their Secret Weapon.

The Invincible CEO Mindset Solution is many essential years in the making & the foundation of every program & service I offer.

But it will only take you 7-10 days of simple repetition of behaviors & habits you usually do anyway… just energetically connected.

Ready for quick, energetic clarity & confidence in your choices to move & grow Invincibly in your Business or Life?

(But of COURSE, you are!)

Get The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution




I know so many people are excited about their personal relationships, careers, and businesses yet feel stuck because their businesses aren't strong and anchored yet … or because their clients and customers have dramatically changed their buying behaviors… or they are stressed at the odd and fast-paced topsy turvy back and forth craziness of life.

And let's be honest: Nothing seems to make sense anymore. For every step forward, you feel you went three steps back!

We could all use a quick, energetic mindset injection right now. We could all benefit from a solution that can help us remain calm and centered during this adversity.

Crazy times make or break people, relationships & businesses. This ONLY happens to those people who are operating at the surface level & are NOT ALL IN!

NOW is the BEST TIME to gain a HUGE ADVANTAGE over those who need things to be linear and logical!

Challenging Times are the BEST TIMES for ENERGETICALLY STRONG & CENTERED people to easily bypass those stuck in fear & uncertainty and gain a HUGE ADVANTAGE in anchoring in an AMAZING NEW LIFE & BUSINESS!

Ok, but what is

"The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution?"

The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution:    
  • It is a simple, easy, back to basics workshop that can introduce to Energy Mindset to newbies or solidify and expand techniques for Energy Masters.
The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution:    
  • We take "Energy Work" out of the "WOO WOO Conceptual Zone" and teach you the Energy Fundamentals and how to use daily and measure tangible progress.
The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution  
  • Allows you to reset back to your original energetic language & factory settings before you spoke or understood words. You become fully present & aware right here, right NOW, where clarity & your true power resides.

So, what's in it for you?


The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution works because it is your natural, authentic state of being!

We demystify the vague wording or jargon used in Energy Work, Law of Attraction Training, or Spirituality concepts.

If you're tired of getting intrigued by Energy Work but frustrated with the hit-or-miss results, The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution is for you.

If the Energy Work you are learning starts with a thought, you've been duped, hoodwinked & bamboozled! The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution is for you.

Suppose you're tired of your out-of-control monkey mind roommate in your head that is always yapping & criticizing, making you second guess yourself. In that case, The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution is for you.

Heck, if you want or need a quick recap or reminder of the brilliant, Energetic Mindset Creator you are, The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution is for you.

Inside The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution, I share the following:

👉 How to get your physical body primed and healthy for Energy Work & Results Beyond Strategy

👉 How to reconnect to your Native Energetic Language

👉 How to connect & center your Energy within you for calm clarity

👉 How to intuit what your Energy is telling you instantly

👉 How to Use Your Energy to engage getting Direct Hits of instant YES or No 

👉 How to Uncover Hidden Answers hidden in plain sight


… Complete all the video tutorials and worksheet checklists you need to make this fast and easy for you!




Tapping into stagnant energy, talents, and inspiration that you already know exists within you, just waiting to emerge.

And we are expanding the above to create a new mind-blowing story that the old version of you could not even imagine existed.

That's what hundreds of my clients and I experience daily, creating unbelievable results in both your personal life and your business and why I  created The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution.

The difference between The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution and the basic teachings is that we get you out of your head and into your energy! 

You quickly discover how much CONTEMPLATIVE THOUGHT is very rarely needed, and such energy, time, and money drain on you.

Energy comes first, followed by the thought if even needed.

Inside The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution,

I'm going back to the beginnings of my energy work, which I know intuitively as a child and have stayed connected using great success in all careers and businesses I've experienced.

I'm sharing with you knowledge & techniques that are the cornerstone foundation I weave into my other programs and services.

And I'm sharing this stuff right now because I don't want your business to survive or you to keep going through the motions in life, just existing…

I want you to experience the energetic thrill of being this magical individual yet directly interconnected to something unique with all the other people on our planet.



Say that 3x fast!

Or... don't. Just join today. 😉

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Energetic Mindset Solution today...



$4500 Training Value for $97

Limited Time Only

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Here's what you'll learn inside

The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution

Jumpoff Point For Clarity

How to start gaining an instant daily connection to your Energy & Clarity with our 9 Minutes in Heaven℠ Energy Technique. Just this technique alone is well worth the entire cost of this solution.


You Will Learn The Binary Technique

You are either ON or OFF.  You will learn to tell when you are either ON or OFF and how to use that to your benefit for clarity & confidence.

Discover Only 4 Solutions to Every Challenge

This Technique is essential in discovering how you have HIT you HITS & MISSED your MISSES!

Gain Clear Definitive Answers

You will learn how to go from "uncertainty" wobble energy to "command" certainty energy. You will intuitively know instantly.


Eliminate Unnecessary Thoughts & Thought Loops 

You will learn to identify how limiting thoughts are, even the best thoughts. 

Reset You Back to Factory Settings

You will learn how to "unplug yourself" from the noise, distractions & time wasters in order to plug back in the pure flow of energy.

You don’t need tons of time to make this happen. Actually, “tons of time” is kind of the antithesis of this whole thing.

(Pssst: Time doesn't exist anyway in the energy world... there is only NOW!)


The flow of energy with The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution is clarity and simplicity.

And of course, this leads to more success, confidence, opportunity & greater ROI!


Because of that, I’ve laid out this quick workshop, so you have an easy-to-implement assignment each day, seven days  in a row (after you take some time over the first three days to review the initial info and make your plan for the seven days.)

So, even if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed…or before they want in the morning.

Or a couple of hours here and there while you’re trying to run the rest of your business…

(Or both…)

You can change your Energetic Mindset to match those of other Invincible CEOs and make c change in your life and business.



And did I mention that you can gain Energetic Clarity &

a New Mindset in about 10 -14 days?


Quick calm? Check.

Quick Clarity? Check.

Increased confidence? Check.

Definitive Decision Making with Confidence? Checkety check check.

Grab The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution today...



$4500 Training Value 

Limited Time Only

I'm ready to LEVEL UP!

Who is The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution for?

The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution is right for any—yes, any—type of CEO (Chief Energetic Officer) business or personal.

Whether you’re a CEO of your own business, executive, or management level in the corporate world or the CEO of your life & family, this is for you.

Entrepreneurial or Business CEOs    
  • You need clarity & focus aligned with deeply anchored confidence to inspire, convey, and envision your business's future that others cannot yet see or comprehend.
  • You are one of a kind and misunderstood most of the time because you are so far ahead of the curve others may think you are crazy.
  • Because you are a trailblazer, you must walk your talk fearlessly and not let the temptations of temporary negative thought loops shake you to your core.
Personal CEOs:    


  • Running a family or personal life is no different from running a business.
  • You need to have clarity of focus aligned with confidence and a personal strategy to live authentically in your truth, enjoying each moment of your journey.
  • You realize life is meant to be easy and fun and are tired of following "the rules" that have given you very little in return.You are always the center/core of everything you do, both personal & professional.
Career or Executive CEOs   
  • You, too, need clarity & focus with decisive decision-making to elevate your career and those you manage.
  • You are ready to take bigger leaps in your decision-making process and want the confidence to leap.
  • You may also be wobbling to decide to finally branch out on your own and start your own business.







Just because you have been taught to think and work hard to get results... then repeat over and over until it sticks... that's the only way it can be done. 

But…what if... just what if... those that taught you to think and work hard didn't know there is another easier, intuitive way to get better results with less action and more clarity?

It might mean you owe yourself the to explore other options.  There is NEVER one absolute way...

HOWEVER, if you need a different way than the old way...

It is up to you to explore to find the way that works for YOU!

In a different container,… in an additional capacity… or even in a separate order.

The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution allows you to create a new energetic gateway into your business and personal life to continue helping yourself, your customers, family, friends, and would-be customers. 

What you'll get when you grab a copy of 

The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution

$4500 Training Value for $97

Limited Time Only

9 Minutes in Heaven &  Dream Sleep Relaxation Techniques ($1,200 value)

The best way to start your day is connecting, centering, &aligning energetic intention to create your amazing day.


The Binary Technique

($600 value)

You are either ON or OFF.  You will learn to tell when you are either ON or OFF and how to use that to your benefit for clarity & confidence.


Discover Only 4 Solutions to Every Challenge

($300 value)

This Technique is essential in discovering how you have HIT you HITS & MISSED your MISSES!


Extras ($900)

  • Redefining You
  • Aligning Your Desires
  • Your Energetic Power
  • Your 2 Minds




The Energetic Alchemist's 10 Commandments 

($1,200 value)

The Invincible CEO one of a kind  proprietary foundational energetic information created just for this mini-course. You WILL NOT find this information anywhere but here.


Video Tutorials & Worksheets to Create Inspired Action Steps & Track Progress

Videos to walk you through set by step to connect, align and anchor your new energetic mindset.


Lifetime Access to The Invincible CEO℠ App & Course (Priceless)

From your initial energy mindset journey to revisiting and reconnecting any time you want or need to reset. Access all of the training on your phone, tablet in addition to your computer.

Self-Care & Body Care Instructions for Better Energetic Connection 

($600 value)

Foundational building blocks that you will "repeat until you don't have to remember."  Once anchored, your manifestational rate is no longer hit or miss!

Reset You Back to Factory Settings 

($600 value)

You will learn how to "unplug yourself" from the noise, distractions & time-wasters to plug back in the pure flow of energy. 


Shut the front door! That’s a ton of stuff for just… $97? No way? What's the catch?


There is no catch! I'm excited to share this info and give you the experience. This is a PRIMER mini-course because this is the foundation for every program and service I offer.

Yup. The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution workshop is worth ten or even twenty times what I’m charging.

After all, it’ll help you make more than that—in the short term and long term. The energetic personal connection to yourself is PRICELESS!

But my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are because I know personal & business CEOs need this energetic mindset NOW.

I don’t want you to connect to your Invincible Energetic Mindset someday… I want you to get connected, aligned & anchored --> TODAY.

So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to flip and flop back and forth… you can grab it and go!

This isn't about helping you learn & study mindset techniques.


I'm here to connect you NOW to your undeniable abundant energy.

Instead, my goal is simple:

I want you to connect to calm clarity in any given moment and blow up the energy to deliver to you a new energetic mindset that opens you up to a whole new level of creating & experiencing a better life and business, the best way I know how:

The Invincible CEO℠

Energetic Mindset Solution


Are you still wondering how this will benefit you?


Here are some outcomes that my current clients are experiencing in their business careers and lives:

  • An HR Executive got out of her way and delivered a presentation with clarity and calm that impressed the brass at her new company.
  • An Entrepreneurial CEO gained the clarity and confidence needed to create & deliver her idea to a significant airline worth seven figures.
  • An Entrepreneurial CEO gained clarity & confidence to walk away from biz partners and empty-ended collaborations that drained her time & energy with no guilty feelings to grow and expand her business.
  • A Personal CEO empowered herself to leave an unhappy marriage. She moved, created a happy new version of herself, met the partner of her dreams & has a beautifully blended new family and career.
  • An Entrepreneurial CEO gained clarity & confidence to trust her intuition. She moved away from what others expect of her to unpopular decisions that make her heart sing and fulfill her life purpose.
  • An Entrepreneurial CEO gained clarity and confidence to be the groundbreaking trailblazer & found his tribe, and no longer feels like a misunderstood misfit.
  • A TV Talk Show Host gained confidence & clarity to ask for a long-overdue raise & promotion once she let go of "good girl syndrome" and stepped into her authentic personal power.
  • So many more to mention...
  • What will I write here about YOUR RESULTS?

This isn't random.

This isn't about luck.

It's better than that.

This is a PURE AUTHENTIC ALIGNED ANCHORED ENERGY MINDSET that transcends logical thinking!

Followed by your inspired action:

No more hit-or-miss results!

Learn how to fine-tune & course-correct on the spot!

Grab The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution today...



$4500 Training Value 

Limited Time Only

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!
--> The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution!

"Why the urgency, Denise?"

Here’s the thing:

Things are not “business as usual.”

This is a highly unusual time.

Unusual times are THE ABSOLUTE TIMES for an ENERGIST

to take advantage of the lack of logical thinking! 

Take the time now to become the Invincible Leader that knows how to connect to the calm, clarity, and confidence to stay centered and focused on moving forward fearlessly.  

While everyone ZIGS in fear and doubt, you ZAG with clarity and confidence.

Here is what I know is certain through my energetic experience:

People are drawn to leaders.
Energists are leaders who are totally comfortable being uncomfortable.  We seek out and embrace uncomfortability.  We KNOW that in the uncomfortableness, true growth and energetic leveling up. 
I call that uncomfortableness your Energetic Growth Contractions!
People still need you (and your products and services).

And while your current products and services don’t need to go anywhere…
You may feel compelled to uplevel and help others do their own reset to factory settings and provide a simpler solution so your business & you can survive—and even thrive—in this unusual time. 

And if that’s where you are, I want to help you.

Grab The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution today...



$4500 Training Value 

Limited Time Only


Frequently Ask Questions

How do I join The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution Workshop?

A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution


This workshop is 20+ years in the making…


But it’ll only take you 5 seconds to join and about 7-10 days to implement with less than an hour need per day broken down into small increments!

What they are saying about Denise &

The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution:

Terry Pappy, CEO ~ Better 3

Sara Dowling, Executive at Survey Monkey

Elizabeth Schneider-Peele

CEO ~ Global Medalion


Moira Hutchison, CEO,

Wellness With Moira

Schroeder Nordholt

CEO ~ My Music Theme

Michele Drake

CEO ~ Master Habits

Grab The Invincible CEO℠

Energetic Mindset Solution today...



$4500 Training Value 

Limited Time Only

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!
--> The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Mindset Solution!