$27.00 USD

The Invincible CEO Circle is a private paid Facebook Group, using my Aligned Business Energetics℠ and The Invincible CEO℠ Programs, I will introduce you to the initial steps & awareness of how to:

  • 💫 Create a Multi-Point Energetic Life Purpose Statement and/or Business Purpose
  • 💫 Eliminate Hustle & Grind Repetitive Loops
  • 💫 Create Goals & Experience Beyond Logic
  • 💫 Align Your Energy to Achieve those Goals
  • 💫 Cut Time Frames 50% - 75% through Energetic Alignment
  • 💫 Eliminating Imposter Syndrome
  • 💫 Enjoying & Redirecting the Energy to Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • 💫 Creating Bigger ROI through Aligned Energy & Action
  • 💫 Come find out why they call me The CEO’s Secret Weapon.

Daily Meditations for Connection & Alignment to practice and aid you in your experiencing your courses & services.

Membership Subscription: $9 monthly

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Create a Powerful Energetic Manifestation Appreciation Journal - Digital Only

Ready to put The Invincible CEO℠ Mindset Solution to the energetic test?

Learn to clarify energetic commands through appreciation energy! 

The Powerful Energetic Appreciation Manifestation Journal immediately builds on the energetic foundation you will build. 
The Mindset Solution is the fertile garden and the Appreciations Journal plants the seeds.  It is a great energetic combo!

This offer is only available to The Invincible CEO℠ Mindset Solution students.

You will receive:

  • Learn how to create a 30-60-90 day energetic powerhouse manifestation tool.
  • Learn How to Set it & Forget
  • Learn how to Not Care It's Not there
  • Video Tutorial
  • Worksheets & Checklists



What People Are Saying:

“I just couldn’t help but feel appreciative for having met Denise. I just feel her guidance allowed me to changed my thinking to a higher energy level and I now know I simply attract the people and the clients that I never before would have thought of going after before. With Denise, I learned that it was okay to be free-flowing and that’s freeing”

Irena Skoda