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I've always loved to investigate, elevate and transform myself which turned into a passion to help others do the same. Everything changed when I realized that I could incorporate Energetic Connection to the thought process of the logical mind


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My Story


It's been said it takes 10,000 hours for skill mastery and that you should hone in no more than 1-2 skills to achieve mastery and be a true expert. 


I Call BS!

The above statement was spoken by a logical left-brain person who believes hard work and effort are the ONLY way to achieve mastery. It is ONE way to achieve desired results. Still, I'm here to tell you, show you through my experience, and bring you personal opportunities to defy logic and science to have your own experience, which you will discover to be your truth and authentic in action.
I did not set out in my career journey to bounce around to what may look to some as random career choices that don't fit together. Also, as a mom of five exceptional children, I learned skillsets that no other job could prepare me for, mainly because you are on and juggling 24/7.
So listen in as you see how my career path journey moved me forward in real-time, as opportunities always revealed themselves as they were needed. 
They are in chronological order:
  • Trained Interrogator & Investigator
  • Profiler & Subconscious Mind Expert
  • Direct Sales Leader with Downline
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • 9th Degree Reiki & Karuna Ki Grand Master
There wasn't any master plan during this journey to become a ONE OF A KIND 5 in 1 Master Coach. I honestly have you covered in MIND - BODY - SPIRIT with  ENERGETIC 3-POINT ALIGNMENT!
When you release the limitations and illusions of your thoughts taught to you by others and embrace the infinite energy, those with a logical mindset cannot keep up or begin to compete with your Energetic Mindset & alignment.
10,000 hours becomes a thing of the past! You truly become a Master of Your Universe!
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This Transformation =

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