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10 Secrets to True Love Invincible CEO℠ Style

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Who doesn't want True Love and the secrets to obtain it?


What is True Love? Does false Love exist? How would you know whether Love is true or false? Do you know how to love? Do you even know what to look for or how to find it?


Love is Love. Love is unconditional. Conditions that are placed on Love are not Love. The actual definition of Conditional Love = FEAR! Love cannot be given or taken away. Love cannot be added to or subtracted from. Love is absolute, and a Universal Truth is like infinity, for True Love is infinite. Like all truths, love can only exist in the eternal now moment.


If you are quantifying, qualifying, giving, and taking Love, that is not Love. Your Ego is moving you into the lower aspects of the Love polarity into Fear. Fear can be quantified and qualified. Your Ego is the expert at having you believe in lack.


In this world, your Ego loves opposites or duality. Your Ego makes you believe there is a lack or absence of something. One could say the ultimate duality is Love and Fear. The Law of Polarity explains this as follows:


Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. – The Kybalion, (The Three Initiates, 1908)


Opposites do not exist as you have been taught.


One side of the pole is one extreme, and the other is the other on the discussed topic. In essence, there is an absolute and varying degree of the lack of total until the other end of the pole is reached. There are high temperatures (hot – the absolute) and low temperatures (cold – the lack of burning). You have been taught that hot and cold are opposites. It is just varying degrees of the same topic of temperature.


Once you understand this powerful law, there will no longer be the need to search for what appears missing, for it is always present in the lack. Nothing is ever kept or hidden from you in this Universe by anyone except by you, with your belief that scarcity exists.


A shift in awareness is needed.


Most search for True Love in all the wrong places. You have a belief what you seek is outside of you in others. Your Ego sends you on a never-ending journey to have others give you what you already possess. Your Ego will never acknowledge Love without conditions because it operates from the mind. True Love works from your heart and speaks the language the Ego does not understand.


The only place True Love can be first found is within you. You cannot give what you do not have, nor is there anything to seek outside of you. This is the illusion your Ego creates. It would help if you first looked within yourself for what you desire because it has always been there and always will be.


If you do not connect to the True Love within you, you will never recognize another's True Love.



Your Ego will convince you their Love is fake. Others are simply a reflection of you, and you can only receive them at the level of consciousness you are currently vibrating. You can only shudder at the level of consciousness you can feel within yourself.


Look within your own heart and operate from heart consciousness. Feel the beautiful language of Love as it speaks to and through you. You will know your truth and Love because it will feel good within you. There will be no doubts.


You have never been without True Love, for you are absolute of True Love in human form.



You are always the absolute of all that you seek. Nothing is ever missing. Do not continue to allow your Ego to manipulate you into believing that you are True Love. The paradox of living this knowing is when you realize you are True Love, and it can never be kept or taken away from you. You stop needing it or wanting it from others. In doing so, you will experience True Love everywhere and in everything. The search will finally be over.


So, here are the 10 Secrets to True Love:


  1. You are the True Love you seek.
  2. Nothing is ever outside of you.
  3. What you seek is already you.
  4. Go within or do without
  5. Love yourself
  6. Nothing is kept or hidden from you.
  7. Lack does not exist
  8. You are always absolute.
  9. Love is Infinite, like you.
  10. You are worthy of your Love.


~ Dede


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