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3 Levels Of Dream Interpretation To Unlock The Hidden Gems In Your Subconscious

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Dreams are more than images or impressions that appear during sleep. In the grand paradox of dreaming, dreaming isn’t about sleeping, but it represents your true awakening to hidden wisdom buried deep within your Subconscious Mind. You are conditioned to believe that when your eyes are open and you are consciously aware.  However, most people on this planet are walking around on autopilot, barely thinking for themselves or knowing themselves. Their eyes may technically be open, but they are not awake.


Dreams have this ability for your Higher Self or your Divine Spirit to have an inner dialogue with you while your conscious mind is asleep.


Why are dreams hard to remember?


While you sleep, your Ego and logic, for the most part, do not exist. In your dream state, you dive deep into the glorious abyss of your Subconscious Mind. The rules and laws of the logical word do not exist. Time and linear thoughts melt away. Superpowers emerge, and your infinite creativity explodes. Dreams exist in the Eternal Moment of Now and are closer to your true nature of reality than your everyday awake life. Dreams happen in real-time. You are the creator of your dreams. Therefore, dreams can only be understood by you.


Your dreams seem so foreign to you because you do not know yourself or your true nature. You forfeited knowing the Language of your Divinity, your Heart Song when you were taught how to speak and subsequently how to think. Most people will turn to a dream dictionary or website to interpret their Dreams. Once again, this allows another’s ideas power over you by inserting their meaning of what the Dreams and dream signs mean.


Reclaim your Inner Super Powers


You did not come into this lifetime to be defined by others and their rules. You came here to express your own energetic infinity. Honestly, if everyone reconnected to the Inner Language of their own infinity, rules and laws would not be needed. Through thinking and logic, you forgot your own inner language and its wisdom. When you forget your own inner language and wisdom, it is easier to accept another’s offerings blindly.



Your Dreams are your gateway to many solutions you search for while awake, but your Ego, Conscious Mind, will not allow you to recognize them. While asleep, your Subconscious Mind speaks to you symbolically, metaphorically through repetition, ceremony, and feelings.


To make sure to get the most out of your interpretation and not allow your Ego to cloud your interpretation, make sure you understand the following 3 Levels of Dream Interpretation. For each level, we will use the example of dreaming you have to go to the bathroom.


Level 1: Literal Interpretation


The Literal interpretation is always the first interpretation to employ since it may have immediate physical implications. If you are dreaming, you must go to the bathroom; chances are you physically feel those sensations, and it would be in your best interest to leave the dream and go to the bathroom. Once the literal interpretation is met, the Dreamer’s Ego may dissuade with a logical suggestion that the dream’s meaning is understood. Ignore and continue to the next level.


Level 2: collective or societal interpretation


This is the interpretation level that most people start and finish their dream interpretation journey. This level has the individual dreamer looking outside themselves for meaning. People often will turn to dream interpretation websites or books. These sites and books usually have the meaning that most people, if asked, would collectively say what the meaning is or possibly a meaning passed down for generations without the true source known.


Desperate to understand their dream signs, most people will sacrifice their personal understanding of themselves for collective understanding. Since their daytime conditioning often reflects listening to “experts or groups” over their own inner dialogue, the Dreamer accepts the information on the dream sites and books as true. In our example, the Collective Interpretation of dreaming about going to the bathroom would be interpreted as follows: the dreamer must let go or release something involving the overall theme of the dream that no longer is needed but has been carrying around within.


You can unlock your hidden subconscious powers with these techniques.


Once this interpretation level is found, the Dreamer’s Ego will halt any further exploration, unaware that the next level is vital to the Dreamer unlocking the hidden gems buried deep within their Subconscious Mind. The next level requires some inner exploration and raw honesty with oneself. It may be more time consuming and may not necessarily be as obvious as looking up the answer on a website.


Level 3: Personal Interpretation


Personal Interpretation requires the Dreamer to ask, “What does this dream, and it's dream signs mean to me?” To avoid any contamination of thought, I highly recommend The Collective Interpretation be skipped and utilized only if needed after the Personal Interpretation is understood.


The Dreamer’s Level 3 Personal Interpretation may match perfectly with the Level 2 Collective’s answer, or it may not. The Personal Interpretation should not be used as a “guessing game” for matching the Collective Interpretation. Many Dreamers will make a Personal Interpretation and then immediately follow up by checking a dream site to see if they “got it right” instead of stepping into their own power by owning their own meaning of their dream signs. Personal Interpretations are relative to the Dreamer’s current life experience and may change many times during their lifetime.


In our bathroom dream example, the Personal Interpretation utilized by me when my 5 children were young needed my attention immediately because of the impromptu meetings held by my children if I wasn’t quick enough to lock the door. Now, since my children are older, the dream sign would be interpreted as a reminder to myself to be aware of honoring the other subconscious inner dialogue to guide my actions as they are needed.


Now it’s your turn


Pick one of your dreams and use the above 3 levels for diving deep into the delicious hidden gems buried deep within your Subconscious Mind. Allow your Conscious Mind to direct your interpretation to satisfy your understanding of this inner language and its wisdom, patiently waiting to be uncovered to guide you to your wildest dreams.


~ Denise

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