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Defining You as the CEO (Chief Energetic Officer)

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You are the CEO (CHIEF ENERGETIC OFFICER) of your business and/or your life!  Tag your it!  You are Ground Zero Energy Point of all vibrations originating and emanating from you.

Your business is a direct projection and a mirrored reflection of you!  You can not expect a result from your business that is not present within you.  If you are led by your conscious mind, you will forget that everything is present within you.  

So now is the time to remember who you really are beyond the roles you play in the different story lines of your life! Remember, do not allow others who do not know who they are define who you should be! All self-definition is an an inside out job. 



Lack of self worth or imposter syndrome simply stem from the lack or forgetting to know yourself not as a static definition based on your past thoughts and actions but by who you create yourself to be in the always new and replenishing NOW moment 


Roles & Attributes of the CEO (Chief Energy Officer): 




Take a moment and visualize each aspect in the above picture and define your role in your business.  Be clear and concise.  The less words used and the more powerful the words are the better you know yourself.  

Feel the  words as you right them down.  Feel the energy flow from your mind into the movement of the pen as the ink makes the invisible thoughts in your head visible and manifest.  From the moment forward, use your pen as your magic wand knowing that in takin the action step of writing you are casting a spell into this world to bring those defining words to life that tell the true ongoing story of you and your business as an energetic done deal.


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