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Awareness Is Your Key To Success

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If you want to make lasting anchored changes in your life, you have to bring the three planes of existence: Mental (mind), Physical (body), and Energetic (spirit), into alignment with each other. If you make changes in one, but you don’t align the other two, the changes will not stick for very long. You will be back on your old loop of bad habits or unwanted behaviors.


If you are mentally ready, you will logically know what to do but lack the desire or physical ability to do it. If you are only physically ready, you won’t understand what step to take or have the desire to take it. If you are only emotionally ready, you will desire to take it but not know the logical steps or know physically how to execute. Starting unaligned in these scenarios brings lack of progress, frustration, lack of movement, and incorrect conclusions.


You do not have to work harder if you start this journey in alignment through Awareness. Awareness is everything! Without Awareness, the steps you take are arbitrary, and the results will be inconsistent. Awareness will allow you to see and cracks in your foundation and unaligned with your three planes of simultaneous existence.


If you are tired of taking a hit or miss approach, Awareness can shorten action steps from ten steps to two. Effort is involved. You will work smarter, not harder, by clearly defining all points of your new journey. Unnecessary action steps will be eliminated. The time between action and results is shortened.



How can Awareness Help?


First, let’s begin with your “Jumping Off Point.” A Jump Off Point is your starting line. You can only start from where you are with what you have in any given moment. The key is to have a clearly defined Jump Off Point from which you can truly measure your progress. This is the number one reason, as a Coach/Mentor, I have determined people either lose interest or become frustrated moving towards their goals. This ultimately results in people abandoning their goals leading to greater questions of self-doubt lowering self-worth.


Most people will take the time and define their Endgame or finish line with precise clarity. There is an assumption that they know exactly where they are, and because it is painful to be there in that energy, most will not make an effort to define it. With a poorly defined Jump Off Point, you cannot begin to assess progress without a solid foundation to compare it to.


Once your Jump Off Point is clearly defined, along with your Endgame, you can then take the needed steps to determine your first point of inspired action and how you can measure the results of this action. When using Awareness as your guiding energy, only the next step is needed. If you think too far in advance of what you have the energy, connection to, or understanding for, you will become stuck and frustrated.


Questions to Ask Yourself:


Here are the questions you can ask yourself once you have defined your Jump Off Point to determine your first action step through awareness:


  • Have I clearly defined multiple areas for measurement from where I Am now?
  • What action step can I take from where I am now?
  • Does this action step move me closer to or further away from my goal?
  • How does this action step feel upon execution?
  • Is there anything else I can do at this time?

Once the step is taken, if no other step of action makes itself known immediately, you have gone as far as you can in aligned energy at that time. Nothing else can be done. Move on to something different, knowing that when the 3 planes (Mental, Physical, Energetic are again aligned, you will be called and moved to action.



Flow Not Force:


Trying to force these three planes into alignment through thought is futile, for it is not the Conscious Mind’s wheelhouse. Tapping into your Subconscious Mind is key, and always your next action steps when no other logical step is known or bearing results. Your Subconscious Mind always is in alignment with all three planes of existence at all times. It is where your Infinity exists and knows no limitations. The key to unlocking your Subconscious Mind is Awareness, and therefore it is your key to success!


Once you become aware, you become invincible!

~ Denise 

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