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Dreams: The Expression of your Energetic Infinity

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Dreams are more than images or impressions that appear during sleep. Your Subconscious Mind rules your dreams. Dreams teach, reveal, and allow a more profound expression of your infinite Energy and potentiality. Dreams are an energetic playground, a laboratory, and a hidden oracle of inner guidance.


In the great Paradox of Dreaming, dreaming isn't about sleeping but represents awakening. You were conditioned to believe you are awake, your eyes are open, and you are consciously aware. However, most people walk around on autopilot, barely thinking for themselves or knowing themselves. Their eyes may technically be open, but they are not awake.



I'm not diving too deep into technical, scientific terms or definitions for dreams in this article. There are plenty of other sites to feed your logical mind for that information. Here we will discuss the Energetic aspect of dreams. Dreams allow your Higher Self or Inner Spirit to have an inner dialogue with you while you sleep.

While you sleep, your Ego and logic, for the most part, do not exist. This explains why you can do many skills/talents not present when awake, have superpowers, travel through space and time, and much more during dreams.


Dreams exist in the Eternal Moment of Now and are closer to the true nature of reality than your everyday awake life. Dreams happen in real-time. You create dreamscapes for yourself. Only you can understand your goals. During a Dream Interpretation, I walk you through the process through an intense Q & A session so that you may learn how to do this for yourself.

Dreams may seem so foreign to you because you do not know yourself. You forfeited learning the native language of your Energy (which you were born non-speaking) and your Heart Song when you were taught how to speak and think.

Most people turn to a dream dictionary or website to interpret their Dreams. Once again, this is taking someone else's word and meaning for what their dreams and dream signs represent.


You did not come into this lifetime to be defined by others and their rules. You came here to express your Energy. If everyone were allowed to learn the Inner Native Language of their Energy, regulations, and laws would not be needed. Through repetition and logic, you forget your Inner Native Language. This language of all human beings ties us together regardless of race, gender, age, sexual preference, nationality, wealth, language spoken, education level, and any other indicator we use to identify ourselves.


When you forget your language, it is easier to accept another's. You are constantly being told: who to be, how to act, how to dress, what to eat, where to stand, what to say, how to conform etc. The reason there are many rules and laws to control people stems from conditioning and goes against your inner knowing and expression of your Energy. Regulations and laws ultimately benefit the rule-makers. 

The Laws of the Universe only govern dreams. Unlike artificial rules, the Laws of the Universe do not have any exceptions. These laws benefit everyone equally at all times.


Your Dreams are your gateway to many solutions you search for during the day, but Your Ego (Conscious Mind - YangEnergy – Divine Masculine) will not allow you to recognize them. While asleep, your Subconscious Mind (Subconscious Mind - Yin Energy – Divine Feminine) speaks to you the only way the Divine speaks, through repetition, symbols, and feelings. No words are necessary, even though words may be used in your dreams.


How Do You Know You Are Not Dreaming Right Now?

You cannot prove that you are not dreaming right now. Simply using a default response to what others have taught you is no longer an acceptable answer for someone who wants to know their true self. You cannot know yourself by blindly accepting the teaching of others even if millions of others do so or pressure you to conform. This also applies to my instructions or any information I share on this website or my programs.


Open yourself up to the idea that there are many ways other than what you have been conditioned to believe as the "only way or only truth." In learning your truth through the Energy of your experience through self-discovery, you will realize when you begin to recognize your infinite energy source and inner being.


Allow your Dreams to introduce yourself to the real you, the energetic infinite you hid underneath your Ego. Your dreams will unleash a hidden treasure chest of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and experiences within you, but you have been taught to look outside yourself until now.  


Are you ready to discover the hidden gems of the real you and your truth?

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~ Dede

Stay tuned for the next Dream Blog, "Dreams: Discovering the Hidden Treasures."

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