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Living the Wealthy Life: Embracing Abundance Within and Beyond

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Hey there, fellow Invincibles in the journey of life! Today, I want to share something that might sound unconventional initially, but bear with me because it's a perspective that can truly transform how you view the world. Are you ready? Here it is: I am money, and so are you.


Now, before you start scratching your head or chuckling at the absurdity of that statement, let's delve a bit deeper. We often associate wealth and abundance with the numbers in our bank accounts, possessions, or luxurious lifestyles in glossy magazines. But what if I told you that true wealth isn't just about what you have in the material sense but also about recognizing the abundance surrounding us daily?


Think about it. Money, in its essence, is simply a medium of exchange, a tool that facilitates transactions. It's a symbol of value, but it's not the only form of value in this world. Love, kindness, friendship, knowledge, and experience are all forms of wealth that can't be measured in dollars and cents.


So when I say I am money, what I mean is that I recognize my inherent value and the abundance that exists within me and all around me.  I am rich in many ways. I have many experiences, memories, and relationships that bring joy and fulfillment to my life daily.



And guess what? You are money, too! You are a treasure trove of unique talents, passions, and potential waiting to be unleashed upon the world. You can create abundance in your own life and the lives of others simply by being your authentic self and sharing your gifts with the world.


Ah, the mind – that intricate labyrinth of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. While our minds are incredible tools for navigating life's complexities, they also tend to lead us down the rabbit hole of limitation. It's almost as if a little voice is inside our heads, constantly whispering why we can't achieve our dreams or never have "enough" money.


One of the mind's favorite tactics is pointing to external circumstances – the economy, our upbringing, and societal expectations – as reasons we can't be as wealthy or successful as we desire. It loves to latch onto past failures or setbacks and use them as evidence to support its case for limitation. "Remember when you tried to start your own business and failed miserably? Yeah, let's not go down that road again," it might say.


But here's the thing: the mind's arguments for limitation are based on a narrow, fear-based perspective that fails to consider the boundless potential and creativity within each of us. It's like wearing blinders that prevent us from seeing the infinite possibilities beyond our self-imposed boundaries. Buying into the mind's limiting beliefs inadvertently sabotages our potential for growth and abundance.



So, the next time you find yourself fretting over your finances or feeling envious of someone else's material possessions, take a moment to pause and remember that true wealth comes from within. Embrace the abundance surrounding you, and you'll find you're already more prosperous than ever imagined.


Until next time, dear Invincibles, may your lives be filled with prosperity, abundance, and all the riches money can and can't buy.

With abundance and appreciation,

~ Dede

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