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My Personal Transformation = The Invincible CEO℠ Energetic Foundation

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I’m going to let you in on the secret. Maybe you are already aware. I literally make things up as I go along. What you may not realize, you do too. The bigger question arrives when you ask yourself, “Are you making things up through awareness or by default on autopilot? This will then determine if you or a conscious creator of your reality thinks life happens for you versus the default creator that thinks you have no control over your world and life happens to you.


On most days, there is a method to my madness. On other days there is just pure madness! Either way, I’m literally making things up through my acute awareness with passion and on purpose. My life does not happen to me. Life happens for me, because of me, and because I am consciously creating my reality.



In 2009, I decided to transform my body by losing 80 pounds by my 40th birthday in August. I had 7 months and one week to complete this transformation. This was my 6th attempt since giving birth to my son and 5th child in 2005. In the other five previous attempts, I would lose between 20 – 30 pounds. Something would happen that would make me stop or, better stated, make me decide to stop, usually involving me sacrificing myself to help another. On the 6th attempt, through bigger awareness, I made sure it was different.


Nothing and no one was going to stop me. I still do not know how exactly this change would happen, but I knew that this 6th time would be different. Not only did I know it was a done deal, but I felt the completion even before I started.


I took each meal, each workout, each cardio session, and each temptation one by one. The only thing that mattered to me was what was happening in the current NOW moment because that moment was exactly where my decision power resided.  I literally was in the flow, fine-tuning my decisions, thoughts, actions, and feelings between the fluctuations of what was working for me and what wasn’t.



I have been asked many times to come up with a transformational blueprint or formula to help others do the same. After much time and reflection, and many rough drafts, I have developed a new transformational program that I want to share with you called The Invincible CEO.℠ 


I  literally help you energetically align day by day, step-by-step, action by action, releasing thoughts, so that you can transform any or all parts of your personal trinity of mind, body, and spirit while applying these energetic methods to the growth and expansion of your business.


You cannot take you out of your business or your business separate for your passion and purpose,  was designed to help you:



I have been helping people make better choices for the last 25+ years. We will address both the conscious and subconscious minds while helping you tap into the language of your heart (your Heart Song). The desire to change and transform is powerful.


Without proper awareness, focus, motivation, commitment, and support, most people will have their transformations fizzle out within 4 weeks of starting. Each day will build on the previous day while slowly building a solid foundation for transformation to build sold traction.


Please check out our Store & Sign Up pages here to see if we have a program or service the is an energetic fit for you.

~ Denise

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