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Nothing is Certain Until You Are

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Uncertainty does not exist when you know yourself from within. Uncertainty/doubt  is brought on by the thought and results from the "Thinking Illusion." Nothing exists outside of your consciousness, your Energetic Universe Bubble. Existence needs your consciousness. Everything outside of you in your present reality is a projection of your inner world.



Creating a new reality is not about wishing for a better life or different experiences based on what is now. It is about connecting to the energetic feel of that new reality as you melt away the residual of the old.


Here are some simple steps:


  1. Breathe Deep to Create the Energetic Inner Space 
  2. Know what you want in the Energetic Inner Space created
  3. Only allow in the space created (your energetic awareness) that matches your done deal desire.
  4. Feel your area and know your heart song.
  5. Know it is a done deal and reverse engineer.
  6. Allow inspired action to originate within you and move you to move through you.
  7. Only focus on the next step in the current Now moment as it appears.
  8. If no next step is apparent, chill out and enjoy where you are. Feel good. Do not overthink. Find something else to enjoy in the Now.
  9. Be aware of your joy. This will shorten manifestation time even when there is no movement. There is always movement.
  10. Congrats on your manifestation!


Once you awaken, you begin to realize everything is a reflection of you for your benefit. The old saying "It is what it is until it is what it isn't" can now be replaced by "It is what I know it is and command it to be!"  


Be sure there is nothing more significant than you.   Your power to have created the aligned energetic space to receive the thought is all the certainty you will ever need. All your enthusiastic feedback is felt in the Now moment, the moment it is conceived. Your alignment with this energy is the confirmation that extinguishes all doubt.


This I'm certain!

~ Dede

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