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The Divine Paradox of You

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 (Updated/Edited: Originally published on Medium December 13, 2017)

A Paradox is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that, when investigated or explained, may prove to be well-founded or true. Acknowledging illusion by accepting the teaching of another (even this Blog) over your personal experience is the main reason your life is so confusing. Your Inner Being knows your Truth, your Ego never wants you to be aware of this Truth, so it creates the opposite to divert you.


♦️ When you feel you are lacking, you cannot see the TRUTH of your abundance.

♦️ When you accept you are a sinner, you cannot see the TRUTH of your Divinity.

♦️ When you accept life is difficult, you cannot see the TRUTH of your ease.

♦️ When you think negative thoughts and emotions, you cannot feel the TRUTH of the positive feelings.

♦️ When you acknowledge you are separate and alone, you cannot experience your TRUTH of unity and belonging.


Yet for the “lack or part” statement to exist, the “absolute or the whole must exist simultaneously.” This is the Universal Law of Polarity. The paradox states there are no opposites as you have been taught. There are varying degrees of the same topic (Truth and the lack of) from the total completion to the total lack.


This is the Alpha and Omega. Every ending is a new beginning. You cannot have a new beginning without an end. Night is not the opposite of day, just another degree of the same 24 hours.


Both sides of the paradox are always present. If the Paradox has your awareness not focused on the whole but just the part appearing to be present, the solution would be to focus on the whole. How would you know the part is not enough if you did not know the whole? What is the ENOUGH?” What would the lack be compared to?


If you acknowledge your lack of enough money, the money you feel you lack is also present for the comparison to existing, but you are not focused on acknowledging it. Switch your attention on the whole, and the whole must manifest and reveal itself in its entirety.  Focus on the whole of the Topic. Focus on the completeness of the topic. Lack does not exist outside of your mind thinking it into your existence.

Everything that you desire already exists within you, and your awareness brings it into being because there is nothing outside of you or your awareness.



Another paradox: is that there is nothing separate or outside of you, but everything appears to be separate and outside. You are everything and nothing and the and all degrees in between.


What if you spent a day focusing on the absolute or the wholeness of your desires? What if you just realized nothing is ever missing or kept from you other than in your thoughts? What if, regardless of your outside world circumstances (which by the time you see them are in your past and not your now), you chose to know you are everything? What if you get excited about knowing you are everything, and it starts to show up?


Neale Donald Walsch wrote an amazing 'Communion with God' and addressed 10 Illusions that do not exist unless you think them into existence; therefore, you agree that they are your TRUTH. The 10 illusions are:


  1. Need exists — yet — You need for nothing
  2. Failure exists — yet — You cannot fail
  3. Disunity exists — yet — Everything is connected to everything
  4. Insufficiency exists — yet — There is enough (always has been, always will be)
  5. Requirements exists — yet — There is nothing you “have” to do
  6. Judgment exists — yet — You are never judged nor will you ever be. (Only Ego judges and that is the false self.)
  7. Condemnation exists — yet — You will never be condemned
  8. Conditionality exists — yet — Love knows no conditions (There is no such thing as Love with conditions, that is FEAR!)
  9. Superiority exists — yet — If you are everything and you are, what is there to be superior too?
  10. Ignorance exists — yet — You are all-knowing and know all of this (just a friendly reminder)


Once the Paradox is recognized for what it is, a cruel joke of the Ego, the Ego loses its power. Ego and Awareness cannot exist together. Awareness only exists in the NOW moment. Paradoxes only exist in the past or future (which really does exist because time doesn’t exist.)


In conclusion, your power is in the NOW. The NOW is your TRUTH. The NOW is the only point of existence. In the NOW you are everything because you are everything. Stay in the NOW, and the paradox and your EGO disappear, and all the is your TRUTH will be KNOWN.

~ Denise 

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