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The 7 Energetic Universal Laws: Law of Cause and Effect – Creator vs. Reactor

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Does this life seem like something is a little off? Have you followed all the rules but have gotten little results? Do you want to know why manifesting as an adult is a lot harder than when you were a child?


There are 7 main Universal Laws or Principles that have existed without exceptions that you have operated within since your energy came into physical form.


Before you could think via words within a learned spoken language, your wisdom and inner knowing came from your intuitive knowing through your physical body's feeling sensations.  Technically, learning language has “dumbed you down” or disconnected you from your true inner language and knowing.


You are now dependent on feedback outside yourself, and because of the above disconnection, you now have forgotten your direct connection to these 7 Universal Laws that defies thought.  These laws do not have to be studied or learned, known within their experiences.  For example, you did not study the law of gravity, yet you exist and operate within it perfectly, never floating up in the air because you do not understand it.  You understand it because you experience it, and because it is your personal experience, you do not have to explain it to stay on the ground.


The Law of Cause and Effect states every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. There are no exceptions. Chance or luck does not exist.

– The Kybalion

This Law allows you to hack into the Universal Energy System that can anchor all the other laws and connect you to your true power. There are two points of focus to this law.  Depending on which point of focus of this law, you will determine how you create your life.


You observe an effect (outcome) and look for a cause:

  • Reactionary, passive, conscious mind, thought-based.


You decide you are the cause and predict the effect:

  • Creator initiated, active, intuitive inner-knowing, energy/vibration-based.


I will explain in further detail the above two sides. Which state best describes your life? Each state has its own set of rules that most Law of Attraction books and videos fail to provide you. 


Law of Cause and Effect: Passive Reactive State of Existence:


  • Your results are hit or miss but rarely spot on.
  • Your results don’t match your effort.
  • You feel helpless to outside circumstances or perceived forces.
  • You wonder what went wrong or how you can do things differently.
  • There is a lack of belief that the goal set can be a true outcome.
  • You often use the following phrases in your life:
    • Let’s see how it goes/Let’s hope it works.
    • I’ll give my best shot/I’ll try.
    • It all depends.
    • You wish it will work or hope it will work.


Law of Cause and Effect – Active Creator:


  • Your results are spot on because you are the cause of the outcome.
  • Your results are spot on because you never second guess your outcome.
  • You do wish, want, or hope – You create.
  • You understand there is nothing outside of you or your power of creation.
  • You know your outcome is a done deal the very moment you think of it.
  • You act, think, and feel with purpose.
  • You do not allow anyone or anything to create doubt or lose focus.


Most people have been conditioned to look outside themselves for answers and outcomes.


An event happens, regardless if positive or negative, and you look for an explanation after the fact to clarify, quantify, classify and understand how or why it happened. There is a belief that there are random forces outside oneself that cause events to happen.  When things align with little or no effort, it is considered magical or even a miracle. 


Regardless of the event, the creation of the event is the same.  If the event was negative, your point of focus is reactive, wondering how this could happen to you, and you will deny any part of the creation.  If the event were positive, your point of focus would be creative, and you will take credit for the creation. Both scenarios have you as not only the willing participant but the creator, regardless of the outcome.


There is nothing random in this Universe.


If true randomness existed, your arm could spontaneously fall off, or gravity could no longer hold just you on the ground. The reason both do not happen is that your innate knowing keeps it from happening. The energy honors what you know to be true versus what you think to be true.


Once you realize you, through your awareness and vibration, create everything into your Universe, you can hack and harness this law to create exactly what you desire. Nothing can come into your world without your conscious awareness of it, but it can only come into your world to match your current vibration.  If what is unwanted shows up, your true outcome’s vibration is higher than where you are currently vibrating. Without your awareness of your vibration, at that moment, it simply does not exist to you in physical form.  Nothing outside of you is keeping you from receiving it but you.

Imagine a drop of water and the concentric circles it creates. 


You are that drop of water. Your vibration through your choices sends out those energy ripples and matches up people, places, things, and events that match your vibration. Then brings them back to you like a boomerang. When an effect (outcome) takes you by surprise or the cause is unknown, you are simply in reaction mode or passive creation. Shift your focus through the “vibrational feel” within your physical body.


In my coaching work, I teach my clients that when the effect manifests in your world, the statement you declare should always be, “But of Course!”  No longer question how or why something happens. Doing so continues to weaken you as a deliberate creator.



Know that you are always the cause and to your desired outcome, continue to raise yourself to higher vibrations.


Stay tuned for the next energetic blog on The Law of Gender.

– Denise


PS: In the 7 Laws of the Energetic Business Universe Mini-Course, we have renamed this law to the Law of Resolution

(Edited: Originally published on The Wellness Universe Blog on July 04, 2019)

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