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The 7 Energetic Universal Laws : Law of Gender – Unifying the Energy

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Does this life seem like something is a little off? Have you followed all the rules but have gotten little results? Do you want to know why manifesting as an adult is much more complicated than when you were a child?


There are seven primary Energetic Laws or Principles of the Universe that have existed without exceptions that you have operated within since your energy came into physical form. 


Before you could think via words within a learned spoken language, your wisdom and inner knowing came from your intuitive knowing through your physical body's sensations. Technically, learning a language has "dumbed you down" or disconnected you from your actual inner language and understanding.


You are now dependent on feedback outside yourself, and because of the above disconnection, you have forgotten your direct connection to these 7 Energetic Universal Laws that defy thought. These laws do not have to be studied or learned; they are known within their experiences.


For example, you did not study the law of gravity, yet you exist and operate within it perfectly, never floating up in the air because you do not understand it. You know it because you experience it, and because it is your personal experience, you do not have to explain it to stay on the ground.


The Law of Gender states that everything has its Feminine and Masculine qualities.


Known by many names:

  • The Yin - The Yang
  • The Passive Energy - The Active Energy
  • The Potential Energy - The Kinetic Energy
  • The Subconscious Mind - The Conscious Mind
  • The Dark - The Light
  • The Being - The Doing


This law often expresses itself in the discussion of Yin/Yang. All things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites or, as the Law of Polarity said, one topic, the same pole.


The Divine Feminine (Yin) is space, darkness, chaos, soft, passive, potential energy, old, infinity, and your Subconscious Mind. The Divine Feminine is the "space/darkness" of which all things are created and can never be created or destroyed. Like energy, it is the foundation of all creation. It is Spirit. It comes in the form, through form, and out of state, and then cycles again. Divine Feminine is the "Isness" or the "Being" of everything.


The Divine Masculine (Yang) is specific, light, structured, complex, order, kinetic energy, creative, active, young, and conscious mind. The Divine Masculine is the point of focus in this now moment that pulls the energy "Isness" into form and brings it into manifest creation. The Divine Masculine is the action or "Doing."


You have been taught these two must be in balance and equal. This is not true and cannot be.


The space in which something is created must always be slightly larger than what is contained inside. Small amounts of action are needed from the male energy as the focal point for the female power to flow through.


When there is an overabundance of female energy with no point of focus (or lack of male energy), you may feel lethargic, lack focus, flighty, and stuck. When there is an overabundance of male power, you may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and with too much action with minimal results without first tapping into the female energy.



Let's use conception as an example. Consider the size difference between the egg and the sperm. The female egg is gigantic compared to the male sperm. Both exist before their union. The egg simply passively floats in its state of "Being." If the egg is not fertilized with the sperm, the egg stays "in potential mode" and is discarded. The new human cannot manifest into physical form.


The sperm is much smaller, actively seeking the egg for the union. It actively searches and must penetrate the egg (small action) to create a partnership. The sperm "offers and acts," the egg "allows and says yes." Once the male energy is offered and accepted, it is no longer needed in the creation process. The potentiality of the Divine Feminine takes over, and creating a new "Human Being," not "Human Doing," is made through the infinite intelligence of the energy through potentiality and direct focus. In this state of total allowing, the actions that create the new baby are unaffected by the endless possibilities of the Divine Feminine's potentiality.


Also, no action from the human father is needed for this new life to be physically created after conception. The human mother provides the "space/darkness" for this life to be formed according to infinite wisdom. Neither parent is demanding arms to be included or the heart to beat. No physical action is needed other than the total surrender to allowing the infinite wisdom of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine marriage to occur. When motion is required for the physical birth, the male energy within the feminine body will be temporarily activated, resulting in inspired action.


If we use the Law of Gender as a guideline to manifest in this physical world, this would be the process:


  1. Surrender thought and action and submerge deep into "the space/womb" of your Divine Feminine (Yin). "The Isness" or state of being/allowing.
  2. .   Feel the vibration of this energy within your physical body and expand through breathing. This is the act of raising your vibration (Yang).
  3.  Sit in this energy expansion until moving to inspired action (Yin + Yang).
    1. Sitting in the development can be both literal and figurative.
    2. An inspired action moves you with direct focus by the energy with little contemplative thought.


"The Isness," or state of being/allowing, is the natural state in which you are created, and it is the natural state for you to make. Most Law of Attraction info as you begin with a thought. Thinking and language are illusions because they did not exist in your natural state and had to be taught to you. When you start the creation process with contemplative, focused thought (Divine Masculine), you skip over tapping into the infinite energy and potentiality (your natural state of being Divine Feminine), which causes many unneeded efforts with hit-or-miss results.


Decide to eliminate all the excessive "doing" and begin at the beginning. Reset yourself back to factory settings, and claim your birthright as a Human Being, not a Human Doing. Then the time between the inspiration (In Spirit) and the manifestation melts away. Create as the limitless, timeless creator you were born to be! "To be" or "not to be" has now been answered and no longer should be questioned!


Stay tuned for next week's article on The Law of Correspondence.

 – Dede

PS: In the 7 Laws of the Energetic Business Universe Mini-Course, we have renamed this to Law of the Mastery of the Minds. 

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