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The 7 Energetic Universal Laws: Law of Polarity – Get on the Pole!

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Does this life seem like something is a little off? Have you followed all the rules but have gotten little results? Do you want to know why manifesting as an adult is a lot harder than when you were a child?


There are 7 main Universal Laws, or Principles, that have existed without exceptions and have operated within you since your energy came into physical form. Before you could think via words within a learned spoken language, your wisdom and inner knowing came from your intuitive knowing through your physical body's feeling sensations. Technically, learning a language has “dumbed you down” or disconnected you from your true inner language and knowing.


You are now dependent on feedback outside of yourself, and because of the above disconnection, you now have forgotten your direct connection to these 7 Universal Laws that defy thought. These laws do not have to be studied or learned but are known within their experiences. For example, you did not study the law of gravity, yet you exist and operate within it perfectly, never floating up in the air because you do not understand it. You understand it because you experience it, and because it is your personal experience, you do not have to explain it to stay on the ground.


The Law of Polarity


The Law of Polarity states that everything is two things. Our world is dualistic. Every topic is a pole. At the ends of the pole are the extremes. On one end of the pole is the wholeness or absolute of the topic, and on the other end of the pole is the complete lack of the topic. Every other point on the pole is varying degrees of the topic. Opposites do not exist, as you have been taught.


For example, let’s discuss temperature. On a thermometer, there are high temperatures (hot is the absolute) and low temperatures (cold is a lack of hot). You have been taught that hot and cold are opposites. They are not. Hot and cold are just varying degrees of the same topic of temperature.

To determine which end is the absolute, ask yourself, “which end of the pole, do I subtract from to get to the other end?” In our above example, you subtract degrees from “hot” to get to “cold.” If you subtract degrees from “cold,” you get “colder,” not hot.


So, how does this apply to you and your manifesting abilities?


Your Universe gives you 24/7, real-time, temporary feedback of your vibration on the topic you are inquiring about through what is present in your world. Look around you. What is now in front of you, those things you can physically sense (see, smell, hear, taste, touch), are your real-time point of attraction and manifestation. This feedback is not set in stone forever. It is just temporary, at that moment.


For example, if you need and have asked for $10,000 but only have $6,000 available to you now, on the pole, $0 is the total lack, $6,000 is where you are now on the pole, and $10,000 is the absolute of the topic. The $6,000 lets you know that at this moment, your vibration on the $10,000 is only registering at 60% of the vibration needed. If you stay at this vibration, that amount will stay. If you lower the vibration, you will move towards lack and lose money.

So, how do you get to $10,000? Raise your vibration by noticing the feeling sensations in your body currently on the topic and how different it will feel to have the total amount be here now. The current physical manifestation of the topic in your world is the current match to your energetic vibration.


Once you understand this powerful law, there will no longer be the need to search for what appears to be missing, as it is always present in the lack. Nothing is ever kept or hidden from you in this Universe by anyone except yourself, with your belief that lack exists. You have now been given awareness of where you on the pole of this topic. Notice how it feels to be there. The moment you feel it when it hasn’t physically manifested yet, the closer you slide to it on the pole.


The bigger realization the Law of Polarity Provides is twofold.


The absolute or outcome you ask for exists because it creates the pole, and you created it.  Second, you are on the pole, and you know exactly which end you are closer to.


In an earlier article of this series, the Law of Vibration, I mentioned you have a vibrational frequency that you can only be aware of by how it feels in your physical body. Please do not confuse this with how you think it feels, but by actually feeling it in your body. 

The best way to raise your vibration is by focusing on something that feels better than how you feel right now, on the topic you just received through your clarity. When you raise your vibration and all of the outstanding active topics within you, vibrations also get raised. Therefore, not focusing on the topic at hand will raise the vibration within you quicker than by trying to raise the vibration using that topic as a guide.

Once your vibration is raised, do not go back into the topic.

In the above example of the $10,000, let the topic come to you in its raised vibration form. This may show up in many different ways, such as a new idea, a new business venture, an unexpected monetary gift, or an infinite number of other ways.

When you realize in real-time where you are on the pole of your topic, don’t holler at the results. Take a step back, see the result as a temporary point of focus to shift your vibration higher, and then repeat and enjoy the process until the desired outcome is reached.

Stay tuned for the next energetic blog on The Law of Rhythm.

– Denise

PS: In the 7 Laws of the Energetic Business Universe Mini-Course, we have renamed this law to the Law of Magnitude. 

(Edited: Originally published on The Wellness Universe Blog on July 18, 2019)

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