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The 7 Energetic Universal Laws: Law of Rhythm – Embrace the Energetic Swing

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The 7 Universal Laws: Law of Rhythm –  Embrace the Energetic Swing


Does this life seem like something is a little off?


Have you followed all the rules but have gotten little results? Do you want to know why manifesting as an adult is much more complicated than when you were a child?


Seven primary Universal Laws or Principles have existed without exception that you have operated within since your energy came into physical form. Before you could think via words within a learned spoken language, your wisdom and inner knowing came from your intuitive knowing through your physical body's sensations. Technically, learning a language has "dumbed you down" or disconnected you from your actual inner language and understanding.


You are now dependent on feedback outside yourself, and because of the above disconnection, you have forgotten your direct connection to these 7 Universal Laws that defy thought. These laws do not have to be studied or learned; they are known within their experiences. For example, you did not check the law of gravity, yet you exist and operate within it perfectly, never floating up in the air because you do not understand it. You know it because you experience it, and because it is your personal experience, you do not have to explain it to stay on the ground.


Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall; The pendulum swing manifests in everything; The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; Rhythm compensates.  

– The Kybalion


Building on the Law of Polarity, the pendulum swing of The Law of Rhythm takes flight. This law embodies the truth that everything exists in a measured motion, from here to there, moving in and out, swinging backward and forward, the rise and falling, ebbing and flowing. Energy is constantly in flux, never genuinely sitting still and never stopping, continually changing.



Imagine a pendulum swinging evenly in both directions. It doesn't depend on its own. Your energy must initiate it. Every thought has a pole (Law of Polarity), and the power (your emotion) of movement on that pole, the swing, allows for greater awareness of momentum and location on the bar.


Change is Not Something You Do – It's Who You Are:


In our physical world, nothing ever indeed rests. You are never the same "you" for more than one split second in the entire history of your being in your physical body. Your cells constantly divide, your hair grows, and your food is digested, absorbed, and eliminated. You have experienced, understand, and know more, yet you see yourself as the same. 


You only see the significance or culmination of thousands of little changes. Yet, all you do is change every second, becoming a better physical, mental, and emotional version of yourself, naturally without thought.   Only your idea disallows you the awareness of the Law of Rhythm. 


Thought separates you from not only your wholeness but also your physical world. Remember, you were a master of the 7 Laws of the Universe when you were firstborn. Only when you were taught words/language could conscious thought separate you from your powerful inner being.


How Can You Exist Without Thinking?


This question has already been answered in every article in this series and will continue to be answered until you no longer need to ask the question. Whenever there is a problem, the problem sits within the solution. The solution never sits within the problem, or there would be no problem.



Remember, you are the vessel for thoughts to be received. Ideas do not exist without your consciousness or your awareness to receive them. Therefore, you live before the belief in wholeness before you ever receive them. When you begin to realize where you are on the pole of the topic the thought introduces, you know you are the energy that got you there and made you aware. Your consciousness is the space where all of this takes place. No thoughts are needed.


The law of Rhythm is your consciousness in motion. Pay attention to the shift or swing within you before the thought, not after. Once mastered, you become the cause of every effect instead of experiencing the results and figuring out the cause.


Stay tuned for the following energetic blog on The Law of Cause & Effect.

– Dede


PS: In the 7 Laws of the Energetic Business Universe Mini-Course, we have renamed this law to the Law of Commitment.


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