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The 7 Energetic Universal Laws: Law of Vibration – It’s Time to Tune In

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Does this life seem like something is a little off? Have you followed all the rules but have gotten little results? Do you want to know why manifesting as an adult is a lot harder than when you were a child?


There are 7 main Universal Laws, or Principles, that have existed without exceptions that you have operated within since your energy came into physical form.


Before you could think via words within a learned spoken language, your wisdom and inner knowing came from your intuitive knowing through your physical body's feeling sensations. Technically, learning language has “dumbed you down” or disconnected you from your true inner language and knowing.


You are now dependent on feedback outside yourself, and because of the above disconnection, you now have forgotten your direct connection to these 7 Universal Laws that defies thought. These laws do not have to be studied or learned, just known within their experiences. For example, you did not study the law of gravity, yet you exist and operate within it perfectly, never floating up in the air because you do not understand it. You understand it because you experience it, and because it is your personal experience, you do not have to explain it to stay on the ground.


The Law of Vibration states that nothing rests, and everything moves and vibrates.


This Universe is composed of energy in the form of atoms. Atoms come together to form different stages or frequencies of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. The various stages of matter depend on how quickly the atoms can vibrate. Matter can come into form, stay in form, and move out of form. Let’s discuss water.


Water is the combination of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom. Atoms are invisible to the human eye. However, when they come together and vibrate, they form water droplets (come into form), can be frozen as ice (stay as form), or heated up into steam (move out of form) back into the invisible. Never truly disappearing, naked to the human eye, waiting in the potentiality to move into form again. Energy is never created or destroyed is simply moving from one stage of form to another.


When looking at color, red has the slowest vibration (363.79 Hz), and purple has the fastest vibration (607.54). These vibrations bounce off the rods and cones in the back of your eyes, producing the appropriate color. You will never see red at the purple vibration or vice versa.


Radios receive sound vibrations at different frequencies. In my area, for example, when you tune your radio to 93.3 FM, you will hear classic rock songs, and if you tune your radio into 102.1 FM, you will hear pop songs. If you don’t like the songs playing on one radio station, you can tune in to a new vibration frequency, better known as changing the station.


Why is there a science lesson and two analogies in this article?


Like the different colors, you also have an energetic frequency vibration (EFM) because you too, are energy. Just like water, you were invisible potential energy, came into form, still in form, and one day will move out of form back into the invisible potentiality. You have always existed and will continue to exist, in one form or the other, incorporating within your energy the energy of your experiences.


Your physical body is like a radio receiving the frequency of the energy to play certain songs. If you are on the “fear vibration frequency,” you can only attract those thoughts, people, and experiences invoking fear or cause you to be afraid. If you are on the “excited vibration frequency,” you will attract thoughts, people, and experiences that excite you or make you aware of the excitement.


The Law of Attraction, “That which is like is drawn upon itself,” is a sub-law of the Law of Vibration. Law of Attraction embodies “like attracts like” or “you can only hear the songs of the radio station you’re tuned into.”


When you have learned to think and no longer know these Universal Laws through the intuitive feel of your body, the Law of Vibration allows you to know your vibration by using its sub-law Law of Attraction. What shows up in your reality outside of you is a direct reflection of what is going on inside you. When the color vibration 363.79 Hz shows up, you will get the color red every time with no exceptions.


Pay attention to your vibration not through your thoughts (illusions) but by how you feel within your own body.



If you do not like your outer world's results, change the feeling within you like you would if you didn’t like a song on the radio. You can change your vibration to a new internal station. The easiest solution is to reset yourself back to factory settings before knowing how to think and speak yet were a powerful manifestor.


Stay tuned for the next energetic blog on The Law of Polarity!

– Denise

PS: In the 7 Laws of the Energetic Business Universe Mini-Course, we have renamed this to Law of Attracted Vibration.

(Edited: Originally published on The Wellness Universe Blog on June 20, 2019)

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