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Enlightenment 101: Awareness Meets Presence in The Now

awareness concentric circles of awareness conscious mind denise b. povernick enlightenment enlightenment 101 free online training presence subconscious mind the ceo's secret weapon the invincible ceo℠ Feb 07, 2022
After pulling back from the world for 12 months for Self-Discovery & Personal Reboot,  I realized my AHA Moments were mind-blowing! It's time to simplify your life & business and maximize the enjoyment of the journey while achieving results that defy the current reality! I realized there are many levels of Enlightenment.
Most Enlightenment Teachings refer to Enlightening yourself from "survival mode" or what I call ROOT CHAKRA ENLIGHTENMENT. Your day is filled with thoughts, actions, and experiences that help you survive, not live. You are conditioned to believe this is "living" and are taught to find meaning in this small existence.
Survival living was once authentic before our industrial or capitalistic revolutions, but things should have evolved higher!
For example,  most people work for another or run their businesses to make money to buy or pay for things needed for survival: food, houses, cars, wifi, phones, electricity, water, etc. This survival mode is ruled over by the god known as money. Obligations control actions. Most people will tell you they are free, but true freedom is on a short leash and only stretches as far as the freedom to step away until the money runs out. Vacations or time off to explore other passions are only given in small increments, if at all.
Once realized, you begin to live & experience through the SACRAL CHAKRA of LIVING to CREATE (not survive), and a whole new world begins to unfold! Just imagine transcending the need for survival to focus on Creating for the sole (or soul) purpose of the Joy of Creating. This new reality allows you to experience life in mind-blowing ways!
Know this:
  • Enlightenment is not an outrageous hard-to-obtain Spiritual Principle.
  • Enlightenment is quite simple, as in the example below.
  • You don't have to become a monk or give up the physical world treasures, pleasures & experiences.
  • Enlightenment comes in many forms and is never-ending on new and exciting infinite levels!
  • You are already Enlightened; only your thinking mind tells you otherwise.


Take a few seconds and read the picture below:


Did you sing the Alphabet Song or recognize the Alphabet was in order because that is how you learned the letters? After you read the picture above, did you realize letters have no increasing or decreasing value, unlike numbers? Therefore the only reason the Alphabet is in that order is because of the Alphabet Song. This is conditioning!
Enlightenment is knowing you can rearrange the letters in any order or create your new song just because you can! 
Did you have an AHA MOMENT? Mind Blown? This is an Awakened Moment! Once you are made aware, your conditioning starts to unravel.
This, my friends, is Enlightenment, a non-stop flow of AHA MOMENTS that awaken you through instant Awareness. In other words, do you think for yourself, or do you repeat what has been taught to you on autopilot?
If you are ready to become aware of the Enlightened Being, you already are but are shadowed by your conditioning, join me as I share blogs, videos, and lives to help you expand your Awareness and connect your Presence. It's time to disengage your Conditioned Thinking to the ease and flow of your Enlightened Mind! It's simple & easy! Don't let your Conditioned Mind convince you otherwise!

During our journey together, you will experience the following suggestions and concepts to take from the intellect and create a new Awareness experience:

    • Learn & Experience the Difference between a Condition Mind & an Enlightened Mind
    • Learn & Experience the Difference between Doing & Being
    • Learn & Experience Doing Nothing will Get You Everything.
    • Learn & Experience the Difference between Presence & Awareness
    • Learn & Experience a TRUE AWAKENED Moment
    • Learn & Experience the Difference between Thinking A Truth & Experiencing Your Truth
    • Learn how to GO EMPTY or Thoughtless
    • Learn to Activate the NOW MOMENT to change the OUTCOME INSTANTLY
    • Learn how to use these techniques in both your Personal Life & Business
    • Learn How to Connect to your Aligned Infinite Nature
    • Learn How Not to Care If It's Not There
To learn more, click HERE

Thank you for sharing your journey! 

I look forward to our Enlightened time together! Sign up now & share with your family, friends & fellow entrepreneurs.




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