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You Are Not Numbers on A Screen

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Through a lifetime of conditioning, you have been taught to let other people, things & concepts define you. You are blind to living in a world of assumptions & concepts. For example. "eating" is a concept. Eating is a concept that combines real experienced actions of biting, chewing & swallowing. You have never "eaten" anything your whole life. 


Numbers are a concept. Numbers are symbols/sigils representing quantity, not quantity itself. In the picture below, you have been taught both express the amount of two. If you wanted to receive two cookies, which one would you choose: the number two or the actual two cookies?


Why do we allow numbers on a screen or paper to define who we are? Aren't we the consciousness behind the numbers & the screen giving them all meaning to exist?



Today I was in the gym enjoying a Chest Workout. I walk into the gym, knowing my workout is a done deal before I start. I know I will enjoy every moment, every set & every rep! I always use a combination of free weights & machines to hit all the angles of the muscle group I'm working.



I've recently joined a gym that has automatic rep counters on its machines. I thought this was a cool concept. I'm ancient school, and even though these rep counters are on the devices, I still count my reps each set.


After counting 12 reps, I was confused when the machine read out three fewer reps. I know I executed 12 reps because I went slow & felt each agent as my muscles elongated & contracted. I felt satisfied with the reps in that set because I experienced the "burn & muscle failure" my body sensations provided. I eventually realized the machine counter was set to a specific range of motion & pace.


So now, what was I to believe? Should I consider a machine not aligned with my methodology & experience? One can argue these machines are the new advanced technology designed for the optimal gym experience. Or do I believe my own experience of which I. was centered and present now and felt satisfied?


Knowing me as you do, I will always pick personal experience over numbers on a screen or another person. This is the foundation of The Invincible CEO & all of the programs I offer.  


How many numbers on a screen do you allow to define you? Is it your bank account? Is it a scale? Is it an invoice? Or maybe social media likes or follows? 


Do you realize you are the consciousness & awareness behind all of these concepts? These concepts need you to believe in them to be accurate. When you decide that your personal now moment experience defines you and you begin to move from now moment to now moment, you start to self-actualize as a powerful Creator of Your Own reality.


Numbers on a screen or a piece of paper are simply props or tools to define who you are. Once you realize you are not the concepts the numbers represent but the power behind them, you begin to shit into enlightenment.


Choose to be the consciousness that the numbers that appear before you are for your approval. Never allow anyone or anything that does not know itself to tell you who you should be!


~ Dede

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