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Deep Breathing Alignment

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Benefits of Deep Breathing

Would you be surprised, as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Reiki Master, & Business Coach, the number one reminder I give my clients daily is the command to BREATHE & BREATHE DEEP? Not just any breath, but to permit yourself to connect to your inner strength and power through breathing deeply.


Breathing is vital to our survival, and most of the time, it is a "No Brainer." "No Brainer" means that the action is governed by the subconscious mind and is habitual, so not much thought is needed for its occurrence.  


  • The more you talk & think --> the more shallow breathing you do.
  • The less you talk & think --> the more deep breathing you do.


Through learning language & thinking, we have become conditioned to shallow breathing, short quick breaths. Those short quick breaths serve a purpose (better than not breathing at all), but over the day do not provide your body the oxygen nourishment it needs. 


Negative thinking, negative emotions & negative body feelings cannot exist while you are deep breathing. Usually, 3-6 deep breaths are enough to begin to offer relief from negativity.


  • Take 24 hours and calculate how much time is spent deep breathing and how much time is shallow breathing.

Most people come into our programs mirroring:

  •  80% Shallow Breathing / 20% Deep Breathing


Your 'deep breathing' is like the elevator that raises you to higher consciousness.

Initially, it may cause dizziness or flashes of light. Do not worry. The more you engage in deep breathing exercises, the more dizziness will subside.

When you begin deep breathing exercises, ensure you are comfortable and safe. Do not attempt to stand up quickly or operate heavy machinery like driving a car.



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