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Enlightenment 101: Resting as Awareness

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You will become acquainted with many terms, such as Awareness and Presence, on your journey to Enlightenment. Though similar, at their core, they are very different. These two concepts can seem confusing to many beginners trying to understand one from the other. The best way to know these concepts is through personal experience.


Enlightenment is the release of all thinking or the need to exist through review or proof. Enlightenment is also the release of the need for suffering. All thoughts cause suffering in their attempt to define the undefinable. Even the most positive thoughts water down the true essence of the person, place, thing, or events it describes.


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Now Moment experiences need no description because the experiencer knows it as the Truth of the Now Moment. For example, if you ride a rollercoaster, can you truly put into words the description of your experience? You become enlightened once you know the experience is needed to understand and know it. Still, Awareness expands, so the same understanding exists in all affairs. "To each, their own experience" can now be stated as "To each their own experience of Enlightenment."


To know Enlightenment, you must experience the paradoxes the thinking mind creates. To intellectually understand Enlightenment without experience keeps you in the dark or unenlightened. 


It is only through thought that lack can exist. In the Now moment, every second of every moment is exactly how it should be. If it could be more, it would. If more were needed, it would appear.   Enlightenment is an acceptance of the Now as perfection, even if imperfect to the thinking mind.


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Being 'unenlightened' is impossible in the Now Moment, yet the thinking mind will keep you on a perpetual loop of trying to become or seek Enlightenment. There lies the paradox.


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Remember, you never become anything. You are already what you seek. You have thoughts that will argue otherwise. You never become "enlightened." You are Enlightened even when you think you are not. This explanation is why the Enlightenment Journey is an internal one. There is nothing to do or become. The journey goes nowhere to achieve nothing or better known as The Undoing.


Let's take a moment to describe Awareness & Presence in their simplest forms briefly.







When you first experience, you instantly know there is no such thing as 'there and then,' and all you ever have is 'here and now.' Once here and now is experienced as the blissful perfection as it is; you realize all the people, places, things, and experiences your mind states are missing at that moment for you to exist are not needed. You are the Awareness required by the people, places, things, and experiences to appear to you. Your existence through resting as Awareness supersedes all other people, places, things, and experiences in reality.


This article's existence is paradoxical to the information it brings to Awareness. We have to grab your attention in the language of your conditioning to reset you back to factory settings to your native language of "No Thought / Words," in which you not only existed but communicated like a master for the first 1-3 years of your life.


You were not born a thinker and did not know any verbal language, yet you were a master communicator. You truly existed in the Now Moment based on your Awareness and Presence.


Jump in and enjoy the techniques to help you to your inner knowing through the truth of your experiences.


Energetically Yours,

~ Dede

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