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The Person With The Highest Awareness Wins

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Energetic Mindset (your intuition) is not your typical mindset.  This mindset transcends conscious thought. Energetic Mindset is experienced through the energetic feels/sensation in your physical body in the present moment. This energy brings awareness that is known the moment it is felt and experienced. Intuitive actions usually occur even before the awareness of thought is realized and very rarely needed.


The person with the highest awareness always wins. Awareness is everything and only available, being present, right here, right now. It would help if you went 'All in" in the present moment because your personal power is always at this moment.   Allow me this opportunity to take you to and through an experience because your personal experiences are undeniably your truth regardless if anyone else agrees or understands.  This experience highlights multiple levels are operating at once.


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Energetically speaking, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" is an Energetic Masters magic wand.  You have an EFM, Energetic Frequency Modulation or personal vibration, in the present 'now' moment.  Your EFM gives you awareness to know where you are currently vibrating on the scale of consciousness in any given moment.


Your awareness will always be presented to you in two distinct ways.  First, you become aware in your personal energetic field of an 'energetic feel or sensation" within your physical body.  Your physical body is more than you have been taught it to be.  It is your energetic 'ground zero.'  Your body, along with your consciousness, is not only the receiver of energetic vibration but the instant interpreter of it.  All you need to know is in these 'feels.'  The more present you are in each moment, the actual interpretation needs to know contemplative thought; it is and immediately known.  An example of this would be feeling a hunger sensation or the sensation of going to the bathroom.


The 'energetic feels' can activate subtly or become exaggerated and repeat until the energetic message is received.  The more aware you are in the present moment, then you will be able to receive the feels at their most subtle incarnation.  If the subtle feels are missed, they will repeat with increased intensity until they are realized and acted upon.



The second distinct way your awareness will speak to you is in the 24/7 outer world feedback of people, events, things, and experiences.  As your message is repeating and intensifying, your Higher Self (Subconscious Mind) will create characters and situations with a recurring theme to get the messages to you.  Most people would call this receiving 'signs.'  Signs are not needed if you get the message internally, as discussed here.  Since your Higher Self transcends time and space, the character and experience creation is in real-time in the present moment based on the level of consciousness you are vibrating on at any given moment.


The characters and experiences will most likely be familiar people you interact with daily (family, friends, coworkers, etc.)  during everyday experiences.  Pay close attention when you are pulled unexpectedly from your normal routine or have new people showing up in your world. 


An important factor is where these 'signs' appear concerning the Energetic Circles of Influence governed by the energetic universal Law of Commitment in The Invincible CEO℠'s The 7 Laws of the Energetic Business Universe DIY Mini-Course



You are the center dot (ground zero), and each of the 10 circles represents a location outside of you, yet within your bigger consciousness, in your physical world. Three repetitive outer occurrences are needed to determine if the sign/message of awareness is wanted or unwanted and moving towards or away from you in your manifestation process.  This awareness process is discussed and experienced in-depth in The Invincible CEO℠ Elite Business Programs.  


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Once you make how you physically feel top priority over what you think or what you think you feel, you raise your consciousness and your level of awareness.  This is an Energetic Level Up.   The more you continue to level up through this three point energetic alignment of 'Activate - Align - Anchor,' you will become the person with the highest awareness in any given interactive experience.  You will be able to not only direct the energetic narrative, but you will be able to manifest the win/win outcomes for all involved, essentially allowing others to level up with you.



Take time today to connect deep within yourself; it is where your true energetic mindset and awareness resides.

~ Denise

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